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Job Management

Manage all your jobs in one dashboard along with a list of all the active jobs and a bird-eye-view of the jobs pipeline. Caypro helps busy recruiters like you manage all your jobs in one place and keep track of them as they move through the closure pipeline. Activity based segregation of candidates for each jobs also helps in managing those activities to ensure faster closure of jobs.

Candidate Management

At Caypro we understand that the quality and size of your candidate pool can make or break your business. That is why we have made it super easy for you to source candidates from various channels, assign them to relevant jobs, submit them to clients, schedule interviews for them and hire or reject them. And our software is intelligent enough to automate tasks that can be, to increase your productivity and your business’s profitability.

Client Management

A successful hiring agency business depends on not just your candidate pool but also your client pool. That’s why RecruitX has been designed to help you manage your clients as well. The inbuilt CRM of RecruitX lets you do everything you need to acquire new client and win more business – right from managing company leads and opportunities to understanding your hiring performance for them. Manage relationships, measure performance, win more business!

Vendor Management

Caypro lets you manage all your staffing partners effectively. You can provide them with portal access to submit candidates. You can broadcast Jobs to them through integrated mass email and measure their performance on speed of submission and quality of submission.

User Management

As a recruiter, you know that recruitment business is predominantly driven by the efforts and network of individual recruiters. That is why we have also made Caypro a user centric software where every user has all the tool and options to manage their own pool of candidates and jobs. Individual user roles can be easily determined from the admin user account. And If the existing user roles don’t suite your needs you can always create your own role. With Caypro you can manage users just the way you would manage your own team.

Analytics & Reporting

What truly differentiates Caypro from many other Applicant Tracking Systems is the extensive analytics and reporting options which not only help you keep track of your process and optimize them but also provide insights fo better business decision making. We have various reporting clusters that help you keep track of candidates, jobs, companies, leads, opportunities, recruiter, sales, vendors, career website and other miscellaneous items which provide almost 40 different reports.You can schedule these reports to be auto delivered to you in your inbox and stay on top of all the aspects of your business in time.


Integrations help extend the functionality of Caypro and allow you to get the best out of your favourite apps. We currently provide integrations with 14 different applications for different functionalities and plan to increase it to almost 50 apps over the course of next few months.

Mass Mailing

Mass mailing is a very important utility and an indispensable tool for a recruiter. In Caypro we provide mass mailing options in Candidates, Jobs, Companies and Vendors. So if you want to send any update to more than one candidates or to all the candidates in a particular job you can do it easily with our mass mailing feature. You can also reach out to company contacts and vendors using this feature. You can create your own mass email templates and send out blasts with one single click.

Career Website

With Caypro you also get a career page that we integrate with your corporate website’s job openings section. So the next time you create a job and publish it, it will also be published on your website, saving you the tim and trouble of creating the job again on your website. And when a candidate applies to a job they automatically get added in the Caypro job pipeline, once again saving your time and effort.We provide you wiith customizable and mobile friendly and seo friendly state of the art career websites.

Other Utilities

Other than all the features Caypro also has some utilities that improve your productivity. Our built-in calendar lets you organize all your activities including tasks, appointments, interviews, etc.Hot List provides you with easy access to candidates, jobs and contacts added in it. Recent Activities lets you quickly jump to Jobs, Candidates and Clients you are currently working on.

Caypro's applicant tracking system has been a great productivity booster for our company. We like the uncluttered manner in which we are able to stay on top of clients, jobs and candidates. Built in automation makes the work flows very easy for our recruiters. We are very fond of how analytics are auto delivered via email and enable us to monitor things in a proactive manner.

Mark Olszewski

Global VP- Delivery, Ascendum

Caypro's cutting edge recruitment software enables our 600+ recruiters to deliver rapidly to our 250+ clients worldwide. We are particularly pleased with their sourcing and parsing technology. Not only we have created a database of over a million resumes but we are also able to search through it in fraction of a second.

Amit Somaiya

CEO, IMS People

We love their one click Chrome plugin for resume parsing and the fact we can use the application on any device and any operating system. We are a Google Apps shop and their seamless integration with Google mail and various other Google apps is a blessing for us. Their VMS allows us to distribute jobs and work very efficiently with our staffing partners.

Mukesh Kumar

Managing Partner, V-Konnect Associates

asked questions

Yes, the free plan, is really free. If you can work with the restrictions in free plan (no VMS, Career Website, Mass Mailing or Integrations; only 10 Jobs and 1000 candidates), you don’t have to pay us a dime, ever! So there’s no catch, there are only a few restrictions.

Individual vendor portals allow you to automate the whole process of assigning jobs to vendors and receiving applications from them

Consolidated reporting to measure performance of vendors by tracking jobs won from each vendor

Consolidated reporting to measure performance of vendors by tracking jobs won from each vendor

Consolidated reporting to measure performance of vendors by tracking jobs won from each vendor

Consolidated reporting to measure performance of vendors by tracking jobs won from each vendor

Consolidated reporting to measure performance of vendors by tracking jobs won from each vendor

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